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La Paisa Bonita Coffee

French Roast

French Roast

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Need to wake up quickly? We have the solution to your problem! Einstein said, “E=mc^2.” However, at La Paisa Bonita Coffee, we say Energy = MoreCaffeine^2 and that is exactly what you get with our French roast. 

In a true European style, we blend Arabica and Robusta beans (how dare us) to give you the maximum amount of caffeine without jeopardizing flavor. We embrace all coffee types and use precise roasting techniques to ensure that we will always give you the best cup of coffee.

In each 12oz bag, you receive:

  • Premium Dark Roasted Coffee
  • Highly Charged Caffeine
  • Full Bodied and Bold 
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction 


When you buy a bag of our coffee, you’re contributing to pediatric cancer research and support. Every bag donates a portion of its profits to nationally recognized nonprofit organizations to help brew a cure for children’s cancer.

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