About Us

   La Paisa Bonita (la pie-sa beau-neat-a) is a veteran-owned coffee company that is based out of Southwest Florida. Our name describes the beautiful land of Medellin, Colombia in the Antioquia region.
Through our coffee, we will share with you our culture and love, so you can have a better understanding of the culture of Colombia and Colombian Coffee.
So many times, we live our lives quickly and use coffee as a medium for productivity. At La Paisa Bonita Coffee, we encourage you to slow down and enjoy the coffee. Take a sip and let it rejuvenate love within you. Let it make you really appreciate everything that goes into making this coffee magnificent.
     While taking a sip, enjoy the freshness of the coffee as you imagine the farmer harvesting the coffee cherries from the trees. Take another sip to see the beans being shipped to Florida. As you smell the chocolatey aroma of your coffee, your imagination lets you see the beans being roasted to give you that coveted scent. When you take one final sip, you'll think of all the culture that goes into this coffee. Our coffee is not just any coffee, it's part of our family's heritage. It's part of our culture. We aren't just selling you coffee. We are selling you a piece of our family with every bag. That is why when you buy La Paisa Bonita Coffee, you buy more than coffee, you buy culture and love and you buy into our family.
     La Paisa Bonita Coffee is small-batch coffee company. We source our coffee from small farms in Colombia and many other regions of the world to give you the best coffee. Our coffee has 100 % transparency behind every bean and is roasted daily to bring you the freshest coffee. Try our coffee, donate to children's cancer, and enjoy being a part of our family traditions.