Finca Puerto Rico, Neira, Caldas in Colombia.

Laderas Del Tapias

 When we started our journey to find premium coffee, we knew we had a few things in mind: traceability, taste, and quality. Through our research and cupping, we were lead to Cafe Laderas Del Tapias. 

Owned by Rodriguez Pelaez, Laderas Del Tapias produces many varieties of coffee. Their farm has been in the Pelaez family since the 1930’s and has become synonymous for producing some of the worlds best Colombian coffee. 
It has won many awards over the years. We selected the Castillo to highlight their farm and for good reason.  Their Castillo has been described as: 
“Rich, deep, yet delicate. Tangerine, rose-like flowers, fresh-cut cedar, roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup. Lively, levitating acidity; light but silky mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates in a sweetly crisp finish,” according to Coffee Review Magazine, June 2015, when it won the best coffee of the United States with a Castillo variety and a score of 93 SCA points. 
Today, their Castillo is still widely renowned as amazing and that is why we are excited to share their decadent coffee with you. From their farm to our roaster and finally to your cup, we invite you to taste some of Colombia’s best coffee. Enjoy!